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Product Design: Beta Clara & Clara CMS


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Webzen Dublin

(Dublin, Ireland)

Webzen Inc. is a South Korean developer and publisher of video games. The company, together with its subsidiaries, also engages in software licensing and related services all over the world. Webzen Dublin is a game publishing office in Dublin.

Webzen Games are free-to-play, but uses a micropayment system to generate revenue. Wcoins are the optional virtual currency that is purchased with real life money in order to purchase virtual goods that are used in Webzen Games.

It is a part of my job description to suggest UX ideas and inspire the projects to adapt to todays industry standards.

My work process

• Create UI fitting European taste and international design standards.
• Handover for implementation
• Support implementation

What was I asked to do?

Adapt CMS design to European visual taste.

What was atchieved?

• Create UI fitting European taste and international design standards.
• Designed responsive UI
• Designed for both private and public facing parts
• Handed over for implementation
• Supported implementation

Beta Clara and Clara

Clara is CMS providing procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.


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