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HIPAA compliant service design

Bluemix rapid prototyping for IBM Think 2017

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IBM Cloud Bluemix rapid prototyping for IBM Think 2017

(Dublin, Ireland)

IBM Bluemix is cloud platform helps you solve real problems and drive business value with applications, infrastructure and services. It works. It consists of modular set of infrastucture services and my role was to design one of the services.

I was working on a quick concept car project, an exploration with IBM Could team. Our objective was to incorporate HIPAA compliant healthcare services into current Bluemix platform.

This work was presented in IBM Think 2017 (also known as IBM Interconnect). See project offering in here.

If you wish to explore live Bluemix sign up here

IBM Think 2017

Product walkthough can be seen below:

Please note that the assets and research I produced is IBM confidential. Please contact me for more information.