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Laura Czybulka

During my 13 years professional career I was fortunate enough to gather many experiences & skills which qualify me for a wide range projects.

I worked in diverse and global companys and it helped me to focus on the main mission of my work as a researcher and designer: having a customer-centric mindset and ultimately serve the people who use my products and facilitate and improve their daily work.

I often find myself in a position where I need to bridge the gap between users, business decision makers, designers and engineers. I enjoy figuring out the best way to solve big problems without leaving the needs of the most important stakeholders (the users) behind.

Why me?

My goal and personal motivation is to be the voice of the user and to reflect their intentions and requirements towards the Product Owner in order to reach the healthiest balance between business and user requirements. My attention to detail, and my passion for quality help to successfully work with stakeholders of projects in order to maximize useful feedback, challenge assumptions and reach consensus.

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Recent work (0-6 years): Leading UX Research / Innovation Design / Design Strategy / AI

Over 6 years ago : UI & Interaction, with a tad of UX

My secret passion: Gaming Concept art