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UX Research / UX / UI objectives in Entertainment industry

UX Research / UX / UI: MMORPG Portfolio


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Webzen Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Webzen Inc. (KOSDAQ) is a global developer and publisher of MMORPGs MU ORIGIN, MU ONLINE, CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9), the METIN series and an array of exciting game titles slated for release in the global game market. WEBZEN has expanded its service to Europe, North and South America and other countries by operating its global game portal with 60 million players from all over the world.

Webzen Games are free-to-play, but uses a micropayment system to generate revenue. Wcoins are the optional virtual currency that is purchased with real life money in order to purchase virtual goods that are used in Webzen Games.

The design in games has a huge influence on the audience that plays the game. MMORPG's like WoW adopted new users by turning to the web, remapping login and notification processes. It is a part of my job description to conduct UX research and suggest ideas, inspire the projects to adapt to todays industry standards.

I worked on these games:

MU Online
Archlord 2
Age of Wulin

The video game industry has made significant contributions towards identification of good UX design practices. While a program or app’s utility may override the quality of user experience, you are unlikely to continue playing a video game that has a less-than-perfect user interface and design experience. This is why video game design is the most effective benchmark to assess the impact of the interface on the user experience.

The success of MMORPG games has encouraged companies to introduce gamification strategies that try to make work-related tasks as fun, engaging, and addictive as popular video games. These strategies focus on enabling employees to assimilate new information and knowledge without confusion or loss of enthusiasm.

Video games have to balance usability and functionality with visual appeal for an enjoyable and entertaining user experience. All successful video games have certain common traits – a simple, elegant, and functional interface and a UX design that focuses on getting the player completely immersed into the gameplay.

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