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Webzen Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Webzen Inc. is a South Korean developer and publisher of video games. The company, together with its subsidiaries, also engages in software licensing and related services all over the world. Webzen Dublin is a game publishing office in Dublin.

Webzen Games are free-to-play, but uses a micropayment system to generate revenue. Wcoins are the optional virtual currency that is purchased with real life money in order to purchase virtual goods that are used in Webzen Games.


Supermagical app UX / UI example

My work process

• Research regional visual taste differences: South America and in particular Brazil, US, Europe
• Research localization differences
• Customise UI per region and per every targeted device and OS (iOS, Android, etc)
• Handover for implementation
• Support implementation

What was I asked to do?

Create both universal and region specific UI (covering North and South America and Europe). Work closely with designer responsible to create universal and region specific UI for Asia and Pacific).

Sneek peek into a part of OS research

Today, Android runs on 43 percent of all the world’s smartphones while Apple iOS still runs on one in five smartphones. Of the 227 countries Android was the market leader in 135 countries, whereas Apple was the market leader US region. Ovarall iOS is popular in developed countries with a large number of consumers with high disposable incomes.

Technical & Creative fusion

After months of detailed research, precise localization process, design for every device and region, implementation and QA the app was ready for shipment Across The World.


Download the app from iTunes here
Download the app from Google play here
Read more about Webzen here