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IBM IIX UX, AI Research & Design for Diabetes management app

(Dublin, Ireland)

IBM Innovation Exchange (IIX) is an R&D based team striving to deliver products and services that make a real difference to people’s lives through ground breaking research and innovation.

The projects are funded through national programmesm and each and every project have commercial impact through jobs and employment growth via these collaborations. The underlying remit of the IIX is to ensure effective delivery of the collaborative projects managed at the Lab, the connectivity of external project participants with the right skills, expertise and competencies within IBM worldwide.

In a world where technology is driving change at a faster rate than ever before, the Innovation Exchange Team is building capabilities that will ensure IBM remains a market leader for horizon technologies into the future.

IIX is by far the most exciting teams I ever worked for.

My role

I joined the team as portfolio design lead and managed portfolio product design along with other designers already working on it (if there were any).

The nature of design in IIX projects are closer to service design and agency design than product. Projects tend to live from a few months to a few years not a few decades.

My work process

• Research (Who are the users? What is the product? What are the goals?)
• Document
• Collaborate and build relationships (users, stakeholders, product owners, devs and engineers)
• Create early feature wireframes
• Iterate & test (user test where possible)
• Create user flows and visualise the features (keep everyone in the loop, to prevent big surprises)
• Iterate & test (user test where possible)
• Handover for implementation
• Support implementation

What was I asked to do?

Research, educate team, drive design delivery and for various indutries. I worked on IBM Blockchain, IBM Watson, IBM Cognitive, IBM self driving cars, IBM Weather and more.
All IIX focus industries that I worked on are:
• Healthcare,
• IoT,
• Security,
• AI, Cognitive, Machine learning, Big data,
• Insurance,
• Business Analytics,
• Mobility,
• H2020 (5G internet, software usage tracking, self driving cars etc.)


I was working on a couple interesting projects with AI application.

Weather Channel app

Probably one of the most visual projects besides diabetes management app was the Weather Channel flood and natural disaster monitoring system. I was collaborating on this project with IBM Cloud and the app made it to the demo stage. It served a purpose of predictive AI technology display. It was predicting future floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters and then calculating the potential damage and insurance cost for the next 1000 years.

Most of the work happened behind the scenes during design thinking sessions etc.

• Self driving cars

• Drones for Ireland, climate monitoring

• Forest Fertilization

• Patenting

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Please note that the assets and research I produced is IBM confidential. Please contact me for more information.